Real time voice fraud prevention
Prevent voice fraud. Eliminate Disputes, financial and reputational losses on all your traffic with one easy integration.

Every Month:
300 Million Calls Filtered - 1’000’000 Test Calls - 250’000 fraud Alerts - 2’000 Blocked frauds

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We alert, block and report fraud in real time.
We provide clients with material proof of the frauds we block for dispute management.
Nextocell is the only anti fraud company that takes financial responsibility for financial losses on traffic we filter.

Dispute protection service includes

Our dispute protection product financially guarantees our clients against losses due to disputes on traffic that we have filtered through our systems.

Over 13 years of protecting Telco’s from voice fraud we have built over 100 algorithms to flag fraudulent calls.

We cross reference calls against thousands of well known fraudulent IVR’s and high risk numbers in real time .

We analyse the behaviour of the SIP protocol in order to prevent frauds even before calls are made .

Provides clients with automatic detection of a fraud attack with immediate alerting and granular blocking

We provide our clients with analytics on types of frauds and suspected frauds by country, or origin and destination, week, month or year .

We provide clients with a dashboard to intervene and unblock numbers or upload their own blacklisted number list.

We onboard clients as fast and as easily as a standard SIP based interconnect .

We use SIP signaling in our analysis but do not pass audio packets through our system.

Nextocell team of very experienced and dedicated anti fraud agents monitor our automated systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We charge our clients either per proven Fraud event detected or we charge on a small per minute fee basis.

ANTI SPAM services include

Sending hubbing traffic to sensitive destinations full of pings and spam calls will get your traffic blocked or termination fees increased and has longer term reputational damage. Send sensitive destinations through (on a signaling basis) our ANTI-SPAM filters and eliminate any unsolicited voice traffic whether they be pings, robo calls, voice broadcasting , our filter will pick up on irregularities and block attacks and give you peace of mind.


Completely automated product with 100s of filter rules:
Our AntiSPAM product is a fully automated filter that comprises hundreds of different rules and exceptions based on experience.

Easy integration based on SIP signaling:
We integrate with carriers on a signalling basis and do not transit voice through our systems.

Low cost per call service:
We operate on a small per call fee basis that we filter through our systems .

Online reporting of blocked calls:
All numbers blocked by our filters as a result of fraud are available online every 15 minutes

Unblocking capabilities:
Any numbers blocked by our systems may be automatically unblocked after a period of time agreed with the client or manually unblocked by the client.

Flexible sensitivity settings:
Our clients are free to tighten or loosen filters according to destination or origin of traffic .

Linked to database of  currently used numbers used in spam attacks:
Nextocell has built up hundreds of IVR messages used in previous frauds and adds an average of 250’000 high risk numbers to its database every month for live cross referencing.

CLI integrity services (Anti CLI Spoofing)

With multiple geographical groups forming common billing islands (EU , ONA, ) CLI corruption has become widespread, deeply affecting operators' revenue models. Sophisticated replacement of the original CLI and PAI with false but real attributed local identification is extremely widespread. Nextocell has designed and installed a 120 country network of test probes for carrier QoS monitoring. This network may be programmed to generate calls from targeted networks to the clients test numbers in order to validate whether calls are arriving with the correct CLI and PAI identification.


350 MNO coverage:
Since 2015 Nextocell has run a network of test probes in 120 different countries around the world allowing multiple QoS tests.

Automated test calls:
Clients can programme on the user friendly dashboard their test calls program including quantity of calls per hour, day, or month .

User friendly dashboard: Applying years of client feedback Nextocell user interface is extremely easy to use to program complex call QoS tests.

Frequent change of numbers to avoid “whitelisting”:
fraudsters involved in CLI manipulation have become increasingly sophisticated at recognising test calls and tend to white list them so that they go through legitimate channels rendering tests useless.

Flexible pricing model:
Test calls are billed on a per call basis with a minimum fee per country origin

Easy integration:
In order to set up an effective test the client must route to Nextocell a series of test numbers on which Nextovell will generate its test calls to check integrity


Nextocell provides tools to verify suppliers route quality constantly 24 hours a day everyday of the year. When FAS is detected proof is produced to demonstrate to suppliers the exact issues on their offending routes including sample CDRS and FAS recordings. Improve route quality and profit by Eliminating FAS.


Automated service with 24 hour Monitoring:
Our FAS detection system is an automated system that examines SIP and CALL behaviour to create red flag alerts for auto testing.

LIVE FAS red flag alert generation:
We generally can detect FAS on a particular route with one call and create an immediate alert with seconds of that call closing.

FAS detection justification including CDRS and Recordings:
Once a FAS alert is generated our system registers the CDRS and makes further test call (s)through the same route to record the event before sending all the elements to the client.

Flexible sensitivity settings:
Our clients decide the tolerance and sensitivity levels of our FAS detection tools before deployment of the solution.

Easy integration:
Like all or our other products we integrate this service on clients routes though an interconnection on a signalling basis .

Low cost per minute pricing:
Nextocell charges a very low rate on FAS detection equivalent to less than 1% of the destination rate.

Focus on your business by integrating Nextocell, protect customers and leave revenue leakage, fraud protection and dispute management to us.

Types of Fraud :


Who can benefit from these services

Retail carriers

Protect your networks from telecom fraud, increase revenues and prevent significant fraud-related financial losses and customer churn. Anti spam filters, anti Ping attack tools, PABX hijacking protection, Anti Arbitrage and Bundle abuse are some of the frauds we can protect operators against on incoming and outgoing traffic.

Wholesale operators and hubs

Assure yourself against non-payments due to disputes on suspicious traffic. Nextocell eliminates fraud and financially guarantees its clients against any losses due to disputes on fraudulent traffic claims.

National regulators

Protect national networks against fraud. Allow Nextocell to test incoming calls are legitimately identified with its ANTI CLI Spoofing system.

CPaaS, Unified Communications, Virtual and Hardware PABX Providers

Don’t let your clients get hacked and taken advantage of . We can offer your clients protection against hacking of their accounts.

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